About Me

I was born and raised in Russia, a coutry of deep culture and profound spiritual values. I graduated with honours from college and in 1997 passes the trial examination and entered the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at Taganrog State University. After 3 years of studies and more than thirty exams (passed mostly with honours) I had the option of either graduating or going for a Ph. D., and the decision I made is one I have never once regretted: I decided to accept the challenge of moving to another country to start everything from from scratch. The coutry was Italy and the year was 2000. It wasn't all wine and roses however. I had to make every single step of the career ladder count. From the gathering of tobacco leaves in Southern Italy's broiling sun to joint pain all the way to running my own business and making important decisions for the benefit of my clients. All this culminated in realization that I was truly a self made man.